Download a free copy of Thea's art book

In appreciation to those who subscribe to my free art newsletter, you can download a free copy of my living art book with artist's commentary.

It is a bonus that grows with time, as I continually update this book with new works of art.

I will send out a newsletter every time there is something new to see, and the most recent pieces are at the front of the book, so you don't have to go digging for new content.

You will also get in the newsletter:

  • Art Events: Get invites to any art-related events I may host or be involved in. These may include live streams, co-creation sessions or workshops via zoom, and local events.
  • Artwork Updates: Be the first to know when I've completed a new piece of art. The details will be available on my website portfolio and art book.
Get a free copy of Thea Stone's art book with artist commentary

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